Posted 2 weeks ago

Fans of Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes ought to include this gem in their collection of pop shoegazey-driven dance anthem albums, with swirly chants found in every hit after hit track on this “I can’t believe she’s not playing arenas yet” EP. -Deli Magazine

[Favorite One] is all laser-ray neon with arms and hair flailing and thrown in strobe-frozen moments. Kinda carnal and kinda serene too with Allie’s voice flowing with detached sultriness – a bit like being seduced on the Death Star. -Rosequartz Blog

Listening to her music is like watching notes bloom into a fairytale of effortless melodies. Her voice emanates a compassion that brings you into her world. It leaves your imagination running wild through electronic pop beats that you thought could only exist in space. -New Dust Blog

Posted 1 year ago

Music video for ‘Undreamt’ from the Undreamt EP by Painted Face.